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Fra Angelico

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‘Fra Angelico: Heaven on Earth’ Review: Pictures Fit for a Pope

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Holy Lance

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Fra Angelico Biography

Buying posters via this link helps Artchive - click here! Artchive supporter: is designed for academic writing needs. The Annunciation (ca) is an Early Renaissance fresco by Fra Angelico in the Convent of San Marco in Florence, Cosimo de' Medici rebuilt the convent, he commissioned Fra Angelico to decorate the walls with intricate frescos ().

This included the altarpiece, the inside of the monk’s cells, the friar’s cloister, the chapter. The paintings of Fra Angelico (c. ) are easy to walk by. They tend to be small, and viewed from more than a few feet away they look like a lot of other 13th- 14th- and early 15th-century.

Fra Angelico (c. – February 18, ), was an Italian Early Renaissance painter. Giorgio Vasari, who wrote the Lives of the Artists said he had "a rare and perfect talent". Fra Angelico has been known by many different names. When he was born, he was called Guido di who knew him when he was older called him Fra.

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Fra angelico
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