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GCSE Revision Guide. Desktop publishing is the use of a desktop publishing package on a computer to produce publications such as newspapers, magazines and books. The DTP process is concerned with designing the layout of the pages in a publication.

The contents are normally prepared, using a word processing package for text and a graphics package for pictures, diagrams and other illustrations. IT2 – Internal Assessment (Coursework) – 20% Students undertake DTP and multimedia tasks, presenting the outcome for internal assessment and moderation by WJEC.

Desktop publishing 13 Desktop publishing is the use of a desktop publishing package on a computer to produce publications such as newspapers, magazines and books. The DTP process is concerned with designing the layout of the pages in a publication.

Although GCSE ICT is not essential, it would be advantageous. This is a demanding course, as coursework requires a great deal of time, in addition to normal teaching.

It is therefore essential that students can manage their time effectively and be willing to work outside time tabled lessons.

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