Hand hygiene assignment

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The Importance of Hand washing Hand washing is an important technique in removing or reducing the number of microorganisms from the hands. This in turn will reduce the potential transmission of these microorganisms directly to others or to surfaces where they can be picked up by others.

Therefore having up to date knowledge and understanding on hand hygiene which is supported evidence is seen as good practice in reducing health care associated infections to vulnerable patients.

The assignment has shown that hand hygiene is vitally important in reducing the number infections that are transferred patents when nurses are. Hand hygiene is a must and high levels of adherence across all health care organizations needs to be achieve.

Health-care associated infections are a major cause of morbidity and mortality. Hand hygiene is regarded as an effective preventive measure (Gould, Moralejo, Drey, & Chudleigh, ).

Hand hygiene: Back to the basics of infection control

The World Health Organization (WHO), estimate that over 80, deaths annually are because of preventable hand hygiene. In the United States (U.S) alone, health care costs on associated infections range from $29 to $33 billion in the year (Talaat ).

Hand hygiene “is the simplest most effective measure for preventing nosocomial infections”.

Hand Hygiene Guideline

It includes actions, such as hand washing and hand disinfection, that will reduce the amount of transient flora and remove dirt from the skin in order to prevent the spread of infection.

This assignment will follow John’s () model of reflection referring to subject heading consisting of the Aesthetics, Empirics, Personal, Ethics and Reflexivity in order to concentrate and discuss in depth the scenario surrounding my actions relating to hand hygiene.

Hand hygiene assignment
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Hand hygiene: Back to the basics of infection control