Motherhood in literature

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Cuban literature

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The Joys of Motherhood

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In Greek mythology Leto was one of the female Titans, a bride of Zeus, and the mother of the twin gods Apollo and Artemis. She was the goddess of motherhood and, with her children, a protectress of the young.

When Leto was pregant with the twins she was pursued relentlessly by the goddess Hera, who drove her from land to land preventing. SPECIMEN MATERIAL. GCSE English Literature /2 Paper 2 Modern texts and poetry.

Specimen Morning 2 hours 15 minutes. Materials. For this paper you must have. Also known by the pen names Yuzuko Aki () and Yuko Ashi (). Born: Satoko Tsushima in Mitaka, Tokyo, 30 March ; daughter of writer Osamu Dazai (Shuji Tsushima).

Cuban literature is the literature written in Cuba or outside the island by Cubans in Spanish language. It began to find its voice in the early 19th century.


The major works published in Cuba during that time were of an abolitionist character. May 17,  · The Joys of Motherhood has 3, ratings and reviews. Rowena said: “Yes, life could at times be so brutal that the only things that made it livable w.

A feminist literary classic by one of Africa’s greatest women writers, re-issued with a new introduction by Stéphane Robolin. First published inThe Joys of Motherhood is the story of Nnu Ego, a Nigerian woman struggling in a patriarchal society.

Unable to conceive in her first marriage, Nnu is banished to Lagos where she succeeds in becoming a mother.

Motherhood in literature
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The Joys of Motherhood by Buchi Emecheta