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He is done in New York. iSportConnect combines business networking, an in-depth look at the latest sports business news and the market data, listings of events and jobs as well as market analysis to provide a one-stop shop for the sports business community.

Sport Business School Finland. Sport Business School Finland is an education, research and development concept offering higher education study programs both in Finnish and English in the field of sport management and sport marketing.

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Sport is brilliant at creating addicts, which is why it attracts sponsors who are also in the mass addiction business. In America, tobacco wrote the sports marketing playbook: now betting wants it.

My new @ SportBusiness column. Benefits More of the sport that matters As the exclusive home to UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, all European rugby union and the Gallagher Premiership, BT Sport brings you more of the sport that matters throughout the week.

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Bachelor Associate Minor In addition to meeting the common core requirements for the degree, students pursuing a BSBA degree with an SBM major are required to take the following.

Sport for Business is pleased to publish our annual list of 50 Influential Women in Irish Sport. Supported by our friends in Liberty Insurance this is not an exhaustive list by any means but it is an opportunity to pay tribute to those who are making a difference.

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