Unilever generic strategy

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Our strategy

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Procter & Gamble’s Generic Strategy & Intensive Growth Strategies

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Apple’s Generic Strategy & Intensive Growth Strategies

Brand with purpose via program As a marketing strategy to win market share in emerging market, Unilever associate programs and purpose to their brands which identify and respond to the local need of people, for example in Africa in a region.

Nike Inc.’s generic strategy (based on Michael Porter’s model) is appropriate for its diverse product lines, ensuring competitive advantage.

The corresponding intensive strategies grow Nike’s global sports shoes, apparel and equipment business. Nike’s Generic Strategy (Porter’s Model). UNILEVER'S Business-Level Strategy Unilever’s Business Level Strategy Business-level strategy helps an organization achieve core competencies, keep its focus on satisfying the customer needs and preferences to achieve economies of scale and profit above average.

Private Label Strategy: How to Meet the Store Brand Challenge [Nirmalya Kumar, Jan-Benedict E.M Steenkamp] on jkaireland.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. As retailers have become more powerful and global, they have increasingly focused on their own brands at the expense of manufacturer brands.

Rather than simply selling on price. Unilever successfully applies this intensive strategy by using the generic strategy of differentiation to make its products more competitive and attractive than others.

A strategic objective linked to this intensive strategy is to grow the business through aggressively marketing Unilever products in the global consumer goods market. Becoming a big force in those markets is a financial necessity.

Bloomberg's Matthew Boyle describes how Unilever, which sells consumer products ranging from Dove shampoo to Lipton tea, has cracked.

Unilever generic strategy
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